A game created for Pastel Jam! 2018. Made in 2 days.

This is my first Bitsy game. I'm moving overseas soon and I needed a cathartic way to process leaving my friends and family. This game was born out of that need. 

Thank you for playing!

Controls:  Use the arrow keys to navigate, interact with characters/objects, and advance dialogue


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What a beautiful, heart-felt game! Loved it.

As your first game, this is something to be very proud of, and i hope you'll make many many more games!

Thank you so much. I definitely feel encouraged to keep making more games! And it's dope to have people from SA playing my game

this got me really emotional, thanks a lot for sharing it with us!

Thanks so much for playing it!

Wow. This is so moving. I hope everything goes well for you.

Thank you <3

This evokes such strong feelings. I wish you and all your friends and loved ones all the best, and I hope Laura will play this game and be able to read the words you have for her.

Thank you <3 I'm definitely going to have Laura play this (even though I'm a bit nervous to show it to them) 

You're welcome! I'm sure they'll love it! Good luck!

Awww that ending

Thank you for playing :)

that was very moving <3 your love really comes through and i wish you all the best <3


Thank you so much

I'm really touched by this. You obviously put in a lot of thought about people you'd be leaving and the game is charming and bittersweet.

Thank you. I really appreciate hearing that